The Most Popular Styles of Kitchen Cabinets You Need to Know

Styled with different cabinets, sides, tables and chairs, the kitchen area became one of the most essential parts of home. Since then, different styles set trends have been popular and may have developed. Here are some of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles available:

  1. Shaker Style. The versatile and timeless design of Shaker style cabinets made them incredibly popular. Shaker cabinets are styled with clean lines and flat-panel designs which are good for both traditional and modern style kitchens.
  2. Flat Front or Slab Style. Also known as Euro-style cabinets, this design features ornaments with a single board door without frame cabinets. Suitable for contemporary and modern kitchen style.
  3. Rustic Style. If you are into farm-house design, then this style is suitable for you as it features distressed finishes with the use of natural materials. This style often uses reclaimed wood. It may or may not have opened shelves or glass doors.
  4. Traditional/Classic Style. One of the most popular and has been used style of cabinets, traditional features ornate-details with decorative elements. This style uses both dark and light painted colors. 
  5. Open Shelving. Opposite with the Traditional style, open shelving features open style, creating more space and airy feel in the kitchen. It doesn’t incorporate doors on the cabinets but can alternate glass panels as doors.
  6. Inset Cabinets. This kitchen cabinet style has doors and drawers that are already intact with the cabinet frame. This style requires precise craftmanship. Good for both traditional and classic look.
  7. Antiqued Cabinets. Styles of cabinets that are commonly used for worn-out fictional themed houses. Its style features worn or aged appearance that adds character to the kitchen. Good for houses that have a vintage style.
  8. Modern Style. Another popular style for cabinets nowadays. Modern Style often uses black, gray, and white colors for a clean and sharp look. This type of style is suitable for houses that have a modern design. The often materials used for this type of styles are ceramic, polyethylene and textured melamine.

Here are some of the most popular kitchen cabinets style that you may choose from. If you are wondering what type of style to choose, make sure to check the accessibility and relevance of each style on your home ambiance. It is also worth noting that kitchen cabinet styles may differ from place to place and may be based on personal tastes. It is also advisable to check current trends or consult a design professional.